Protecting your assets is probably the most important factor when dealing with property of any sort. Protect the home you love with insurance. Sometimes the best things in life come with risks, so ensuring that you are covered if the worst should happen is in your best interest as it is a measure taken to prepare for life’s mishaps.

There are a whole multitude of insurance providers in the UK offering a wide range of products suitable for every application.

It is crucial to take a few moments to take advice on certain types of insurance and also look at specialist cover, especially when it comes to contents or specific items.

There are also several types of insurance providers who will be able to offer you cover for not just your home but your car and other valuables in one policy! 

There are three main steps to insurance:

  • First you choose a policy – this listing exactly what you are and aren’t protected against.
  • Pay the premium – the premium is the amount you will pay annually or monthly. The amount you pay depends on the risk.
  • Make a claim –  If something happens and it is covered by the policy you can make a claim.

For more information on the different types of insurance please visit our A-Z directories.

To help you navigate the maze of insurance issues, BIBA’s technical experts have put together a simple step by step guide for consumers who are looking to buy motor, home, travel insurance among other things.

For further specialist advice on insurance please see the comprehensive information provided by Citizens Advice or the Money Advice Service


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