House Builders

There are a significant number of house builders in the UK some of whom have a national presence and others more regional.

They all have different building methods although most adopt standard construction practice. They offer a wide variety of builds from flats to very spacious detached properties and all have reputations based on their build quality.

Many have increased their services and offer part exchange and shared ownership deals.

How do you choose a builder?

If you have a choice of house builders, then making the right decision can make all the difference between having a home you love and a potential nightmare.

There is nothing better than a recommendation from a friend or family member who has had successful building work done. It is always sensible to ask at least 3 different builders to quote on your job and it is not always advisable to go with the cheapest as they may be trying to achieve your goal by cutting corners. It is also worth checking very carefully what each quote includes and that it includes information such as the removal of rubbish and site waste.

It might also be worth visiting builders previous jobs as most reputable traders will be more than happy to show off their former work.

Choosing a new home builder

Not all new home builders are the same. They vary in price, workmanship and after sales service. Firstly, it is worth looking at the National Builders Customer Satisfaction Awards – which offers a 1 to 5 star rating based on customer satisfaction. However, this may not include new home builders such as Berkeley Homes as they are not a member of the House Builders Federation.

It may also be worth looking at their after sales service and complaints record. New homes sometimes have snagging issues after moving in – any snagging issue within the first 2 years must be dealt with by the builder, so good after sales care is essential.

While it is always a good idea to visit a show home, it is also advantageous to visit homes on the site where you want to buy to get a real look.

To find a builder near you please visit our A-Z Directory.

You can also visit the Federation of Master Builders to search for professional builders in your local area and for further information on choosing a builder visit the National Federation of Builders for hints and tips.

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