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Things to Know Before Moving to a Different Area

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Moving to a different area?

If you are buying or selling a property and moving to a different area of the country, a ZOOMLOCAL report could help. It could be part of your sellers’ package, or of course useful for you to make sure the new area really is where you want to settle.

Would you buy a car without looking under the bonnet?

Around 80% of homebuyers don’t bother getting any type of survey when buying a home, which is incredible! Imagine a local garage offering to sell you a car for £3k. Would you buy it without any knowledge of mechanics? No warranty? Without looking under the bonnet or checking the tyres? There won’t be many people that would say yes. So, if you are a seasoned pro or a first-time buyer and are about to purchase the perfect home, please ensure to commission a Homebuyer Report, a RICS Valuation or a Building Survey, our Sales team can help you decide which is best for you and the property in question.

Zoom Local

Our partners: Zoomlocal

We have teamed up with ZOOMLOCAL because we know moving to the right area for you is important. We know that ‘Nice Neighbourhood’ is important for 51% of homeowners and 31% of renters.
Over 45’s are more likely to think about entertainment / shops / services to be important, whereas about 50% of 16-24 say they would prefer to be close to friends and family.
40% of younger urban consumers on incomes of £50k + say that commuting to work is a major factor when looking where to live.

What does a report contain?

In rural areas, the neighbourhood, community and a low crime rate are all important factors.
Chris Haycock the founder of ZOOMLOCAL has spent years creating his program (code) to create this service by taking this key information from credible sources such as the ‘Office of National Statistics’,, the ‘Department of Education’ and the most recent ‘Census Data base’. So, you can be sure this information is accurate and reliable, giving you peace of mind.
All of this and so much more is available for you right now and if you come through to the sales team and book your survey or Valuation with us it’s free! Not only is it free but it takes seconds to generate and is digital so can be with you straight away.

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