Utility Providers

There are many different utility providers in the UK, all of whom are regulated to specific standards.

Despite their regulation there are some very large savings to be made by spending time to obtain quotes and also by using price comparison sites.

Whatever you decide to do, always ask for discounts or reasons to use a specific provider over and above the competition as there are always deals to be had! 

When moving home it is really worth researching utility providers and their cost. With a lot more information available to consumers, details about how energy is used is fairly common. Utility companies can now advise their customers about their consumption history, making comparison with similar households and forecasts for the future. Behavioural insights can also be available for niche energy such as solar panels.

Many utility companies now offer dynamic uses of energy insights, including real-time temperature alerts. To ensure customer satisfaction companies are now working to offer analytics driven heating systems, automated demand response and automatic tariff switching.

For an up to date comparison and details of each utility provider please visit Which? for detailed information.



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